Little Ark Nursery and Pre-Kindergarten

About Little Ark

Little Ark Nursery and Pre-Kindergarten is located at the First United Methodist Church in Commerce, Texas.  Little Ark strives to provide children a safe, loving, Christian environment where they may grow to be Disciples of Christ.  We provide learning experiences for children in social, academic, emotional, and spiritual development. 

Our Programs

Infants: 6 weeks-17 months

Little Ark is a place for love, growth, and discovery.  Our teachers provide plenty of hugs, love, and personal attention to all of our babies.  Your child will enjoy singing, story-time, tummy time, and of course, lots of cuddle time.

Toddler Classrooms: 18 months-3 years

Preschoolers are continuing their learning adventure and becoming much more independent.  Our preschool curriculum is divided into theme-based units to meet the needs of our children.  Our curriculum includes small group activites, child-directed learning, music activities, outdoor play, and daily enrichment activities, to name a few.

Little Ark Pre-Kindergarten is filled with enjoyable activites to nurture your child's mind.  Pre-K activities include large and small hands-on groups, independent activities, and realistic application.  We are working hard to make sure your child is ready for kindergarten.  Our curriculum includes letter recognition and sounds (Zoophonics Program), sensory center, writing center, math, library center, chapel time and art.
Pre-kindergarten has a certified teacher in the classroom to teach the curriculum to the children.

Preschool and Pre-K Classrooms:
3 years-5 years

Toddlers are always on the move and little Ark creates a kid-paced day to fulfill their needs.  Our toddler curriculum includes hands-on projects, a fun, safe play environment, communication notebooks, a structured learning time, and lots of hugs and giggles.

Meet Our Teachers!
  1. Director
    Jennifer Knight
  2. Babies & Toddlers
    Babies & Toddlers
    Baby Room: Cris Crist & Pam Hicks | Transition Room: Rachel Cramer, Michelle Ladd, & Carmen Chessher | Toddler 1: Tiffany Evans | Toddler 2: Cheree Walker
  3. Preschool & Pre-K
    Preschool & Pre-K
    Pre-Kindergarten: Shelly Oats | Preschool: Christina Darty | Teacher's aide: Mandy "Momo" Swinson
  4. Afternoon Teachers
    Afternoon Teachers
    Caytie Clark, Haley Chaplain, Kassady Todhunter, Marley Morris, Ashlyn Woods